Josep Moscardó


His painting penetrates the complexity of colour and light both in daytime as well as nocturnal atmospheres. Faithful to what is natural, he shows us an optimistic vision of his environment and of his travels.

His painting, with some “Fauve” references, is expressive and dialogues with us, it is understandable, open to the presence of the figure and the urban landscape. Josep Moscardó is one of the few artists today who still paints in a natural way and captures the poetics of everyday life.

A restless, prolific sculptor, whose work is based on the synthesis of shapes and the collage technique. They are pieces composed of objects he has found and which he organises in a playful way

Original graphic work has also been part of his creation for many years.
Since 1998 to 2016, he has been linked to La Palmera taller d’art, an artistic silk-screening workshop.

He periodically exhibits in Barcelona and Sant Cugat.