First artists of APARTEDICIONS, Barcelona 2005

Regina Giménez Barcelona, 1966 Painter and graphic artist. Regina Giménez’s work creates a world between reality and the imaginary through world globes, ships or lighthouses that invite us to travel into the unknown. Giménez extracts images from their context, giving them their own autonomy, which gives rise, by rearranging them, to endless new readings related…

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Nía Diedla Santiago de Chile, 1979 The day I started to put together images on the table, I did not know that I would find in that gesture the possibility of a language. Today that language has become a place of habit. The photograpgy that I perform finds its roots in an intimate place. The…

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This photographer and painter has travelled
the world taking photographs and exhibiting
his work, while at the same time continuously
developing his other artistic facet, painting.
His creations are born of a concept that centers
around current affairs.

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retrat Magi Puig

Although he was a fan of pencil from an
early age, painting became his principal
tool for interpreting everything around him.
He shows great sensitivity toward light
and colour.
Studies of the human form, scenes from
everyday life and travels around the world
are the themes of his work.

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Over the course of more than 40 years,
he has combined the profession of stage
designer, university teacher and satirical
cartoonist with pictorial and sculptural activities
and has produced and participated
in numerous exhibitions.

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tranfer retrat fotografic de Marta chinchilla

Creates, designs, constructs and transforms
everything around her, based on
her plastic interpretation.
From 1992 until 2013 she has been associated with
La Rectoria art centre of Sant Pere de Vilamajor,
where she has exercised her expertise in the
art of engraving and printmaking.

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Painter, scenographer and professor.
The need to express herself through
the human being and its body is essential
to her identity. Interested in the people,
the shape of the human body and its gestures,
movements and emotions.

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Graphic designer and illustrator by “devoration”.
He trained here and there, in Barcelona,
at Peret’s studio. He has worked in Zaragoza,
and now does so in Huesca.
He will draw on any editable surface: posters,
books, cartoons, wine labels, awnings,
rugs, cinema screens or TV.

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autoretrat fotografic de Jordi Vilella

He has been interested in photography
since he was a young lad.
A self-taught silk-screen printer.
In 1983, he created his own serigraphy
workshop, and since then he has worked
with several artists and in its own graphic work.

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autorretrat deJaume Roure

Jaume Roure Solsona (Lleida), 1959 He is currently working on an architectural theme concerning interior and exterior areas in different parts of Barcelona, London, New York, etc., all of which were chosen with great care and with a very personal aesthetic vision. In his ever poetical work, we find the gradual abandoning of features of…

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autorretrat de Marcos Palazzi

His scenes and portraits communicate
a critical, analytical look at reality.
His characters experience absurd
situations in places in which the apparently
irrelevant details become fascinating
and even comical.

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A painter whose work lies somewhere
between Fauvism and Expressionism.
His painting transmits an impact of
unusual sensations in our times.
He does almost all his painting in
“plein air”, like the Symbolist painters
of other times.

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Autorretrat de Ramon Moscardó

A post-impressionist painter who,
over the years, has extended his register
to include cubist and expressionist shapes.
Ramon Moscardó does friendly paintings
with a strong regional flavour of
traditional exteriors, cafés and bars
in Barcelona, Cadaqués and so on.
He also does shop interiors with
characters, cats and violins.

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His painting penetrates the complexity of colour
and light both in daytime as well as
nocturnal atmospheres. Faithful to what
is natural, he shows us an optimistic
vision of his environment and of his travels.
His painting, with some “Fauve” references,
is expressive and dialogues with us,
it is understandable, open to the presence of
the figure and the urban landscape.

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