Lita Cabellut

Lita Cabellut has printed in La Palmera’s workshop   International artist Lita Cabellut has trusted our workshop to print five large format editions that subsequently have been ‘intervened’ and modified by hand by the same author. An artwork with great visual impact, and a very agile service since it has been produced at a record-breaking…


Artslibris 19′

APART EDICIONS presents in ARTSLIBRIS 19 the latest editions of our new editorial project:
The screen-printing (in plane inks) applied to photographic proposals allow us to reach new figurative and poetic resources.
We have experimented with the fragile balance between screen-printing’s impact and the photographic realism.


JIJONENCA, 50th anniversary

Jijonenca, 50th anniversary   Last February Apart Editions produced a digital edition (Giclée) to commemorate Jijonenca’s 50th anniversary. Josep Moscardó was the chosen artist to carry out such ‘tribute’, and Regalos Avangarde coordinated and supervised the whole process. Even though the artists presented some initial drafts and personal ideas, it was finally decided to go…



Barcelona 2018   At the end of last year, Apart Editions together with Aura (Gràcia) coedited Josep Moscardó’s new original screen printed in order to be able to carry out such project. The script is exactly the same from Barcelona’s moon last edition. The result has been brilliant and we just wanted to share with…


Elde Gelos at the ESCALA

Elde Gelos at the ESCALA La Visita Editions and Apart Edicions present the exhibition and photobook “BERMA”.   Elde Gelos is an Asturian photographer that has lived in Chile for the last two decades. This honest and breathtaking documentary work about the Andian country has been first presented recently as a namesake photobook, and it’s…


Subscription to NEWSLETTER

Subscribe to APARTEDICIONS’ newsletter!   Dear fellow, customers and contributors, in order to adapt us to the new privacity law, we need you to revalidate your subscription to our newsletter.* For each hundred subscribers revalidated, we are going to give-away a fantastic piece of original screen printing to choose between these five further down.   If you…


TIMEOUT BARCELONA acknowledges us!

TIMEOUT BARCELONA acknowledges us! LLUC QUERALT. The photographer and painter from Tarragona that always searches for the essence while playing with geometry and precise instants. By Laia Beltran   MAYBE EVERYTHING started with an AE-1 Canon. ‘It was a gift to my mother the day I was born and, years later, she gave it to…