lletres de 40 anys després de Manel Armengol


In the beginning of the year, the media was talking about the new professional and personal situation of Manel Armengol, a photographer that contributed enormously to narrate the social and political transformations that marked the Spanish Transition.

Impressed with the publication, Apart Edicions together with a group of Manel’s old students from the UAB’s Communication Faculty, felt the need to do something in return for his lifetime work.

The result was a new edition of Manel Armengol’s photographies from the protests of February 1st, 1976, a key moment for social rights and freedoms. A moment known and spread to the world thanks to Manel’s work.

fotollibre 40 anys després,... de Manel Armengol
fotografia de Fotollibre de Manel Armengol 40 anys després,... premi Art-Libris 2016