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Marta Chinchilla & LA VINYETA, Empordà

Isidro Ferrer & EDRA Ayerbe, Huesca

Josep Moscardó & ALMAZCARA MAJARA, Bierzo

Magí Puig & CLOS GALENA, Priorat

Lluc Queralt & MAS COMTAL, Penedès

The synergy between wine and art has always been a source of inspiration for Mediterranean artists. Dionysos, greek god of fecundity, took young wine while inspired many artists and cheered the parties. 

Art Loves Wine is a project that aims to bring back this idea from a contemporary point of view. It focuses in the artistic intervention on the bottle of wine’s label and its box.

From Apart Edicions, we cooperated with different wineries to present a new way to present wine based on the collaboration of art. With this new synergy of wine and art, both become represented in a new and more festive way.

The carton box was designed and stamped with screen printing, while the labels are printed digitally (giclée) on paper. This labels are glued with gum Arabic, so that they can be unglued and collected and compiled.

The exterior box’s sleeve it is stamped with screen printing that can be framed as a conventional graphic work. A limited edition of 200 units was made.

Botelles de vi amb etiquetes Art Loves Wine
Il·lustració Art Love Wine de Marcos Palazzi

Han col·laborat en aquest projecte Marcos Palazzi, Clara Ruiz, Anna Solanilla, Jordi Raventós i Hores extraordinàries.

Art Loves Wine 2014