fotollibre Metus de Lluc Queralt


 Lluc Queralt

Probably the most special and personal book of Lluc Queralt that we have, until now, edited. A photograph collection that though it focuses in the female nude, it goes way further. Images of transcendence and enigmatic expression.

She tried  to explain to me what had been the matter with him for so many years. he couldn’t express it in  words so he illustrated it with images. She drew social pressure as a simple line exerting pressure on her body and soul. Hoping that some day, that line would change from black to white.

Edited and printed in 2017. Text of Lluc Queralt

fotollibre 40 anys després,... de Manel Armengol

40 anys després,…

Manel Armengol

Homenatge a Manel Armengol, fotògraf que va contribuir enormement a relatar les transformacions i agitacions socials i polítiques que van marcar la transició a l’Espanya dels anys 70’-80’.

El projecte és una nova edició d’una selecció de fotografies de Manel Armengol de la manifestació de l’1 de febrer del 1976, cita clau pel retorn de les llibertats  socials i de la qual mig món es va assabentar gràcies a imatges copsades per aquest artista.

Editat i imprès a Barcelona, 2016

coberta de fotollibre Blanc sobre Blanc de Lluc Queralt

Blanc sobre blanc

Lluc Queralt

Lluc Queralt has a profound relation with Island and Finland since he has been and lived in several occasions for a considerable amount of time. This photo-book oppose this two landscapes/countries and unifies them with their colour.
Photographs of really special atmospheres, which can even feel strange for the Mediterranean public.
Presented and recognised very positively by the “Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Tarragona”,

Edited and printed in 2016.

fotollibre Paisatges de Lluc Queralt


 Lluc Queralt

After seeing and photographing several places, Lluc Queralt has made a selection. The geometry, simplicity and composition of the photographs are a common theme in this collection. Spaces and landscapes of infinite places have something in common, the photographer’s sight; analytic, careful and intimate.
Human being usually think that the world is built from our selves, from our view. The human presence in the landscape can be a consciousness or an incidence. It looks like a way to search for our place in the dark and troubled reality that accompany us or follow us. But the landscape has existed much before any of us had observed it.

Edited and printed in 2015.

Fotollibre NY-Its too much de Jordi Vilella,Violetta Curry i Carles Batlle

NY  It’s too much

Jordi Vilella  | Violetta Curry | Carles Batlle

This project closes the tetralogy of Jordi Vilella’s photographs of cities and streets. A photo-book that this time has been elaborated with some amazing collaborations. Violetta Curry (singer) and Carles Batlle (novelist and dramaturge) join us in a project that gathers photographs from the most international city.

Batlle, from every photographed place proposes an enigma, to discover a character. The voice and repertoire of Violetta Curry accompanies the DVD audiovisual of 200 photographs, from which 36 chosen ones have been edited.

Edited and printed in 2014.

Fotollibre de Roma de Jordi Vilella

A Roma con Amore

 Jordi Vilella Fontelles

Rome sweats during summer. Water and cobblestone streets are combined with tourists and citizens who have learnt how to tolerate tourism. Loving Rome is inevitable.
Collection of 36 photographs in black and white.

Edited and printed in 2013.

Fotollibre de París de Jordi Vilella

Une Jurnée à Paris

 Jordi Vilella Fontelles  |  Lluís Hansen Flors

Gathering of photographs from the city of light, in black and white and from a visitor’s view. Project done in just one day, but that represents a common and shared place for the lovers of the city of love, and capital of France.

 Edited and printed in 2013.

Fotollibre Perdut per les Rambles de Barcelona, de fotografies de Jordi Vilella

Perdut per les Rambles

Jordi Vilella Fontelles  |  Jaume Capó

This photo-book, made by the artist Jordi Vilella, inaugurates the photo-book collection of European cities. In this case, the photographs represent another side of Barcelona. A graphic tour through “les Rambles”, the heart of Barcelona’s city, which overcomes all touristic stereotypes. A personal and singular journey through a Barcelona in a gentrification process.

Edited and printed in 2013

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