BERMA Photographs & photobook

Elde Gelos

Del 20 de desembre de 2018 al 19 de Juliol de 2019.

Ediciones la Visita i  Apart Edicions presenten l’exposició de fotografies BERMA de Elde Gelos, fotògraf asturià amb residència a Xile des de fa dues dècades. Aquest treball documental de llarg alè sobre el país andí ha vist la llum recentment en forma de fotollibre homònim i es mostra ara a Barcelona per primera vegada com a exposició. Durant la inauguració es farà una presentació del llibre a càrrec del cineasta documentalista xilè i també fotògraf, Carlos Vásquez Méndez, amb residència a Barcelona des de fa anys.

La inauguració i presentació del fotollibre tindran lloc el dijous 20 de desembre a les 19.30 hores a L’Escala (La Bisbal 3, 08041 Barcelona).



CIRCUS Fora de pista

Lluc Queralt

From the 16th December 2017, to the 26th May 2018.
Lately, in his photographic strand, Lluc Queralt presents a new project about life and the outside scene of the circus world. Situations and characters that always have somewhat magic and enigmatic , while making us question how do we live day-to-day.

exhibition bannner of expo by Lluc Queralt in L'Escala

Exhibition made in APARTSHOWROOM 2013/17

The Apartshowroom, in “el Rabal” of Barcelona, has been a project that has allowed us to contact and collaborate with new artist and friends. During this four years we have carried out 16 expositions of collaborating artists that have already worked with us the past, and others that we have met during this time.
cartell de la exposició 80+50 de Marta Chinchilla i Joana Lopez al Apartshowroom

80 + CINQUANTA de Juana Lopez i Marta Chinchilla

Del 24_03 al 22_04 de 2016

Exhibition of drawing, collage and painting. New exhibition of the painter, who is also specialised in encumbering, Marta Chinchilla, together with Joana López, specialised in the feminine portrait.

An presentation that unites her last projects and a group of portraits made throughout her artistic career, showing multiple resources in the field of pictorial and graphic representation.

Cartell exposició-Homenatge del 25 añys de serigrafies d'en Josep Moscardó a l'Apartshowroom

25 YEARS of Josep Moscardó

From February 23 to March 21, 2017.

Tribute exhibition to the artist Josep Moscardó for his successful career, trajectory, and work in original screen-printing with “La Palmera taller d’art” over the last 25 years. More than 200 editions carried out since then are the prove of his work’s success. The graphic work in original screen-printing of this important painter from Barcelona, expresses his soul in different atmospheres, all with clear Mediterranean values.
A big exposition of his most significant and important work, workshop tests illuminated for the occasion and many many more surprises that made this a very special exhibition.

Il·lustració de Miguel Arranz


Del 29_09 al 22_10 de 2016

Appatshowroom has presented the book Rooftops of Barcelona by Miguel Herranz, great illustrator in the emerging world of Urban Sketching. Until October 22 you can see and buy 30 original drawings included in the book and 6 digital giclée  editions in two different formats made by Apart Edicions.

veure vídeo Expo https://youtu.be/cSR2ByIAGJk

Serigrafia Hoop de M. Puig


From June 4 to July 9, 2016.
We want to present the last graphic work of Magí Puig, that we have edited in La Palmera. Some significant paintings will also be exhibited. “Hoop” and “Somni vermell” are the last two editions, of the four that we dispose of from this artist. With this new pieces, Apart Edicions establishes a more solid relation with Magí Puig, and incorporates a new collaborating.

fotollibre 40 anys després,... de Manel Armengol

40 years later, Manel Armengol

From April 20 to May 21, 2016.

In this art space the audience can see and purchase the pieces of art that the group Amics Manel Armengol  and Apart Edicions have edited to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the protest, which he photographed getting and enormous response, with the finality of honouring him.

In January 2016, a group of articles and interviews talked about the new professional and personal situation of this photographer that contributed enormously to portray and report the transformations, and the social and political agitations that marked the so called Spanish Transition.

cartell de l'exposició d'Obra Gràfica de Marcos Palazzi a l'Apartshowroom

OBRA GRÀFICA, Marcos Palazzi

From March 9 to April 18, 2016.

Apart Edicions continues with his project regarding the graphic work and particularly the artistic screen printing. This time, presenting a completely Barcelonian artist whose work is universal.

Original screen printing, intaglio and giclées are displayed in this exhibition.

Cartell exposició Persones Humanes a l'Apartshowroom


Josep Moscardó, Jaume Roure, Marcos Palazzi, Perico Pastor, Ramon Moscardó, Jordi Vilella, Lluc Queralt, Pablo Maeso and Anna Solanilla

From December 11 of 2015 to January 30, 2016.

The exposition presents a work from these artists. Exploring one of the most prevalent concepts: the human figure.
The nine perspectives of these artists seek to express what we are as humans or what we really are through drawings, paintings and photographs.
In Apart Edicions and La Palmera’s workshop, some of the artists that work with us not only share a passion for graphic work but also for the plastic arts.

cartell de la exposició d'Artist' Book a l'Apartshowroom

ARTISTS’ BOOK, a collective exhibition of artist’s books

Ona Carreras, Anna Cirre, Ana Irina Limia, Fernando Martínez, Octavi Puntas, Natàlia Rabert, Enrique Rapisarda, Sergi Selvas and Bernat Soler.

From October 29 to January 11, 2015.

Apart Edicions continues its project regarding new formats. To start, during autumn it presented new creators and new artist’s books together with a new plastic or digital work for each one of them. We are interested in impacting and spreading the concept of the ‘artist book’ as an artistic expression that transposes into an intimate experience, not only for the artist but also for the viewer.


cartell Emerging Focus del concurs de fotografia de Photo la(Los Angeles) 2015 realitzat al Apartshowroom



From June 20-28, 2015.

Organised by the city of Los Angeles (USA) and associated with the annual Photo L.A. exhibition, this exhibition presents the work of preselected and awarded photographers in the popular city of LA.

L’APPARTSHOWRROM will be the host of the exhibition taking place in Barcelona, 2014. Only for a few days, until June 28, the 20 photographs that are composed in this exposition of awarded and preselected artist will be open to the public.

Extended until July 7, 2014.


Cartell de la exposició de Josep i Martí Baltá

MIRANT ENRERE, Josep Maria Baltà and Martí Baltà

From May 7 to June, 2015

Josep Maria Baltà and Martí Baltà express themselves through the transformation of the materials. Their respective work, close while distant, dialogue with the space and memory. Clay and stone sculptures that transgress the common shapes and techniques of these materials.
An evocative and sublime journey.

Cartell terres trobats de Marta Chinchilla

TERRES TROBATS, Marta Chinchilla

From March 20 to April 22, 2015.

Relives a reminiscent plastic emotion of those who have lived in lands where houses are embellished by floral, fractal and geometrical motifs.

The mosaic creates eventful atmospheres with changing lights in spaces or in the ambient light diffused by curtains and window’s mosaics. The little boy knows it when he tries to guess the silhouettes, which suddenly become monsters. The old man knows it too, when he just recognises and sees the language of solitude in the days without hours. The woman knows it as well, while she contemplates the drawing and redoes it inside.

Text from Abraham Mohino Balet’s catalogue
cartell exposició Fragments de Lluc Queralt

FRAGMENTS de Lluc Queralt

From May 23 to June 21, 2014.
The way I work is marked by the passage of time. Like if every brushstroke was a trace of the past, maybe of the 1960s. I achieve this with walnut stain over images that get enforced thanks to the collage. It is like if it consisted of a theatre, I always have have in mind what is behind.


 see catalegue expo-fragments (2014)


cartell exposició NY Its too much de Jordi Vilella

NY, IT’S TOO MUCH de Jordi Vilella

From May 2-21 of 2014.
Apart Edicions presents the new artist photograph book and a selection of photographs in two sizes. With this edition, Jordi Vilella, the photographer, concludes the collection dedicated to four big cities: Rome, Paris, Barcelona and New York.

>see catalegue expo  
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Imatge de la postal de l'exposició de Xavier Mollà a l'Apartshowroom el 2014

D’UN TEMPS ENÇA, Xavier Mollà i Revert

From November 20 to December 17, 2014.

Xavier Mollà’s work arrival to the APARTSHOWROOM is caused by our love towards his way of doing and the content of his photographs. His work, risky and rich, that researches while is also abstract, goes together with a whole new approach of what is contemporary photography. To sum up, Xavier Mollà has developed diverse projects of artist’s books, one of the areas in which our editorial has special interest.


Carlell de la expo dibuixos guions i papers de Josep Moscardó


From March 13 to April 16, 2014.

In this new micro-exhibition in the APARTSHOWROOM you will be able to see the drawings and scripts on paper that Josep Moscardó elaborates to prepare the screen printing editions for our editorial; Apart Edicions.

>see catalogue 

cartell exposició Que nevi que nevi! al Apartshowroom el nadal del 2014

From 12 December 2013 to 31 January 2014

Charity collection of graphic artwork by:
 Arnal Ballester, Marta Chinchilla, Marta Dansa, Isidro Ferrer, Jordi Fontelles, Joan J. Guillén, Didier Lourenço, Pablo Maeso, Josep Moscardó, Ramon Moscardó, Marcos Palazzi.

Snow is something magical and fantastic.
Que nevi! Que nevi! (Let it snow! Let it Snow!) was the slogan that we put to our group of artists to trigger the process of creation of the graphic artwork collection for this Christmas.
All the editions were produced by the artists themselves at La Palmera art workshop in Barcelona and each work will be available in a limited edition of 99 copies. Digital printing (giclée) with pigmented inks on Bockingford 190g paper.

Portada del cataleg de la exposició Kimonos de Marta Chinchilla al Apartshowroom l'any 2013

KIMONOS de Marta Chinchilla

From 15 November to 18 December 2013

Marta Chinchilla is a highly talented multidisciplinary artist. You can find her among huge sculptures and graphic art speculations. Her work is as prolific as her fields of action and never leaves the spectator indifferent. It is pure passion for communication and sensitivity.


>See catalogue 

cartell Suit Nonell de Joan Guillén

SUIT NONELL de Joan J. Guillén

From 22 October to 13 November 2013

Graphic artwork produced by scenographer and satirical cartoonist Joan J. Guillén based on the manipulation of images of gipsy portraits painted by Isidre Nonell i Monturiol, and a photograph of the painter taken by photographer Francesc Serra in the year 1904.

At the inauguration of Suit Nonell, on 22 October 2013, journalist Enric Juliana gave a short presentation and Sweet Beat, a female vocal ensemble, offered a performance for those attending.

>See the catalogue produced by the artist 

Portada del cataleg Cala el Pati blau de Jordi Santacana

CALA EL PATI BLAU de Jordi Santacana

From 13 September to 19 October 2013

The first exhibition of autumn 2013, featuring the work of Jordi Santacana, showed an intense painted art that gives us an awareness of time based on the light of the beach at Cala del Pati Blau (Vilanova i la Geltrú).

If you like the sea and expressionist painting, you cannot miss the paintings of Jordi Santacana. 
They will not leave you indifferent.

>See catalogue

Portada del cataleg Recetas populares de Mascos Palazzi


From 5 July to 12 September 2013

Apartshowroom presents you with the first micro-exhibition at our new art space at Carrer Notariat, 3, in Barcelona.
Marcos Palazzi, with his sharp irony and humour exhibits Recetas populares (Popular Recipes), a thought-provoking fusion between drawing and cookery recipes.

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