In Costa Brava


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13 Inks  250 x 340 mm
MICHEL 240 g  320 x 39,5 mm
Limited edition of 99 + 10 PA + 10 HC
04 / 2003

Original serigraphy printed in La Palmera taller d’art, in Barcelona.
All the pieces have been numbered and signed by the artist; the moulds, made by the own artist, have been destroyed after the print run.


Jordi Santacana

A painter whose work lies somewhere between Fauvism and Expressionism.His painting transmits an impact of unusual sensations in our times. He does almost all his painting in “plein air”, like the Symbolist painters of other times. He is a restless non-conformist who is committed to ecology. Nature is the main subject of his work,


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