Iremos al Sol -2


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5 inks  1000 x 700 mm
SOMERSET Antique 280 g   1000 x 700 mm
Limited edition 25 + 2 PA + 2 HC
09/ 2020


Original serigraphy printed in La Palmera taller d’art, in Barcelona.
All the pieces have been numbered and signed by the artist; the moulds, made by the own artist, have been destroyed after the print run.


Regina Giménez

Painter and graphic artist. Regina Giménez’s work creates a world between reality and the imaginary through world globes, ships or lighthouses that invite us to travel into the unknown. Giménez extracts images from their context, giving them their own autonomy, which gives rise, by rearranging them, to endless new readings related once again to infinity. With the mixture of diverse images, Giménez creates new displays away from everyday’s routine and the consumer’s society in which we live,


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