Nía Diedla

Santiago de Chile, 1979

The day I started to put together images on the table, I did not know that I would find in that gesture the possibility of a language. Today that language has become a place of habit. The photograpgy that I perform finds its roots in an intimate place. The fable or the tearing of the mundane day-to-day life transforms in stories, it is there where my Diaries are born and also those assemblies that I like to call Geographies.

With them, I keep on filling the chapters of that question that keeps on resonating in my head and I do not manage to answer, at least not completely as I can merely read it. And it is in that question that words like memory, roots, footprint, house, oblivion, tree, keep on appearing and disappearing repeatedly throughout my work.



Photobook MALEZA, available in Ediciones La Visita (Chile) and Filigranes Éditions (France):