Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is in itself the art of our own time. It is produced and manifested in the now, responding to the cultural conscience of the moment, to its society, to the joint needs, to the spirit of the time.

Art is inherent to the human being, to its culture and evolution. There has never been an era devoid of artistic manifestations, through which we can read and investigate the intricacies of history.

The art theorist Jacob Burckhardt understood art and other human productions as a link in the history of culture. He argued that the art of each period is the most complete expression of the spirit in which it is produced. Everything influences its manifestations, thus being co-responsible for the development of history itself.

From this point of view, contemporary art and its different expressions are a faithful reflection of what today’s society is going through. The panorama shows a great diversity and includes a very heterogeneous set of artistic practices, as well as different approaches when it comes to delimit the period it comprises. To understand contemporary art is to understand conflicts, realities and societies. Knowing art inevitably leads us to understand man.