Screen printing career since 1982

Apart Edicions was born at the end of 1999 parallel to La Palmera Taller d’Art. Since then we have edited more than two hundred works and have collaborated with a large number of artists. We continue to edit because we believe in the original graphic work and the digital print (giclée) to provide an art close and available to everyone.
In 1982 we came into contact with the magical world of screen printing, through the printing of t-shirts of rock groups, which was the main activity of the early times.

In 1986 6IS GRÀFIC was created in the sagrada familia district and in a self-taught way we continue to expand the types of applications of screen printing working on different supports.

At the beginning of the 90s we began to contact artists and the workshop specializes in artistic screen printing.

In 1998 we moved the workshop to the Font d’en Fargues (Carmel/Horta) and together with Josep Moscardó La Palmera Taller d’Art was formed.

At the end of 1999 , APARTEDICIONS, the publishing house, was born. During the first years the publisher collaborates in the distribution of the editions in silkscreen with Maragall Edicions. More than 88 editions are held in seven years, with artists such as Josep Moscardó, Jaume Roure, Ramon Moscardó, Marcos Pallazzi and Jordi Santacana.

In 2004 the publisher presents its editorial fund to the world through a website to promote screen printing and offer online sales.

APART EDICIONS attends national and international fairs and shows its collection and latest editions traveling to the main European capitals: Paris, London, Basel and Madrid, among others.

Despite the economic difficulties of recent years, the editorial pace is still important. We have increased the fund with 70 more editions and also the number of collaborating artists: Marta Chinchilla, Magí Puig, Isidro Ferrer, Joan Guillén, Anna Solanilla and Lluc Queralt, in addition to expanding the artistic fields to photography, the artist’s book and the photobook.

Between 2013 and 2017, Apart Edicions has maintained in the center of Barcelona (Notariat, 3) an art space to publicize and market its own editorial fund, an initiative that has allowed us to disseminate new editorial projects. There have been exhibitions and presentations of recent work by artists and developed art projects that are now in our current APARTSHOWROOM, in the Guinardó neighborhood of Barcelona.


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