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Lluc Queralt

Perhaps the most special and personal book by Lluc Queralt that we have edited so far. A collection of photographs that focus on the female nude go much further. Collection of images of transcendent and enigmatic expression.

He tried to explain to me what had been happening for so many years, he could not express it in words and illustrated it with images. The social pressure, the drawing with a simple line pressuring the body and soul. Hoping that one day that stripe would go from black to white.

Published and Printed in 2017. Text: Lluc Queralt


NY It’s too much

Jordi Vilella | Violetta Curry | Carles Batlle

This project closes Jordi Vilella’s tetralogy on street and city photography. A photobook that this time has been elaborated with very good complicities: Violetta Curry (singer) and Carles Batlle (novelist and playwright) add in an inspiring way to a collection of photographs of the most international city.
Batlle, from each place photographed, proposes an enigma, to discover a character. The voice and repertoire of Violetta Curry accompanies the audiovisual DVD of 200 photographs, of which the 36 that have been edited have been chosen.

Published and printed in 2014.


White on white

Lluc Queralt

Lluc Queralt maintains a deep relationship with Iceland and Finland; he has been and lived on several occasions and for quite some time.
This photobook contrasts these two landscapes-countries and unifies them in color.
Photographs of very special atmospheres, even strange to the Mediterranean public.

Presented and valued very positively by the International Photography Festival of Tarragona, SCAN.cat

Published and printed in 2016.


A Rome con Amore

Jordi Vilella Fontelles

Rome in summer transpires. Water and cobblestone streets are combined between tourists and citizens who have learned to tolerate tourism. Love for Rome is inevitable.

Series of 36 black and white photographs.

Published and printed in 2013.



Lluc Queralt

After seeing and photographing many places, Lluc Queralt has made a selection. The geometry, composition and simplicity of the photographs in the collection are the common point. Spaces and landscapes of infinite places have something in common, the photographer’s gaze: analytical, attentive and intimate.

Humans often think that the world is built from our self, from our gaze. The human presence in the landscape can be a consciousness or an incidence. It seems like a way to find our place in the convulsive and dark reality that accompanies us, but the landscape has existed before any of us have observed it.

Published and printed in 2015. Text by Anna Solanilla.


Une jurnée à Paris

Jordi Vilella Fontelles |  Lluís Hansen Flors

Collection of photographs of the city of light, in black and white and from the visitor’s point of view.

Project carried out in a single day but that presents a common and shared place for all lovers of the capital of France.

Published and printed in 2013.


40 anys després…

Manel Armengol

Tribute to Manel Armengol, photographer who contributed enormously to relate the transformations and social and political upheavals that marked the transition in Spain in the 70s-80s of the twentieth century.

The project is a new edition of a selection of photographs by Manel Armengol of the demonstration of February 1, 1976, a key event for the return of social freedoms and of which half the world learned thanks to images captured by this artist.

Published and printed in 2016.


Perdut per Les Rambles

Jordi Vilella Fontelles |  Jaume Capó

Photobook by Jordi Vilella that inaugurates the collection of photobooks about European cities. In this case, photographs that present another Barcelona.

Graphic tour around the Ramblas, the center of the city, which overcomes clichés or archetypes. A personal and unique journey through a Barcelona in the process of gentrification.

Published and printed in 2013.


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