Open workshop  Guided courses and projects

We offer our experience and the facilities of our workshop to the artists.

Thanks to our knowledge of screen printing, we guide and accompany art professionals so that they can carry out their artistic projects. We develop orders of all kinds and we are specialized in editing in original and / or digital screen printing.

In collaboration with the artists we work with them, accompanying them throughout the process and experimenting with the resources that are put into play. Thanks to our extensive experience we guide the artistic project to ensure the best quality and most suitable result.

Our workshop also welcomes artists from outside Barcelona as we also have accommodation. Working and spending a few days in Barcelona can be an exciting way to develop an artistic project.

The work processes can be more or less intensive depending on the possibilities or interests of the artist. Contact us to see possibilities and calendars.



     Isidro Ferrer
     Regina Giménez
     Delia Ruiz Malo
     Josep Moscardó
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La Bisbal, 3
Barcelona (08041), Spain
(+34) 661 97 10 18

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Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at agreed times, by calling at  661 97 10 18

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