Figurative art or figurativism is the art that, unlike abstract art, is defined by the representation of figures, understanding these as identifiable objects through recognizable images. Either by seeking verisimilitude, distorting them in some way, idealizing them, intensifying some of their aspects or opting for one or another form of representation.

The Platonic denomination of “imitative arts” associates figurative art with the concept of mimesis (imitation of nature).

In figurative works of art, the model represented is recognized by its external appearance. The artist may have the model in front of him, which allows him to check its appearance as he goes about his task, or he has it in his memory. He can do part of his work in front of the model (sketching “from life”) and then finish it in his studio.

In the case of photography, the correspondence with the represented object is the result of his own technique. Something similar is obtained with some sculptural techniques (molds).