Views and Landscapes

This category groups all those works of Views and/or Landscapes of all our artists. From the Gran Vía in Madrid, to the Pont Neuf, to Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, or its emblematic Pedrera.

Academically, Landscape is the name of the drawing of places or scenes of nature, such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and forests. It almost always includes the sky (which receives the technical name of celaje), and atmospheric conditions can be an important element of the composition. In addition to the natural landscape, the urban landscape is also treated as a specific genre. Traditionally, landscape art realistically depicts some real landscape, but there may be other types of landscapes, such as those inspired by dreams (dreamscape, widely used in surrealism).

In the history of painting, the landscape gradually acquired more and more relevance, from its appearance as a background for scenes in other genres (such as history painting or portraiture) to its emergence as an autonomous genre in 17th century Dutch painting. It is also an essential motif in Japanese painting.