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Lavandas en la noche + Fotolibro BERMA


4-Inks  Screenprinting
SOMERSET 100% cotton 300g. 20 x 28 cm
99 + 10 PA
01 / 2019

This is a silkscreen reproduction, in spot colours, of the photograph Lavandas en la Noche, by Elde Gelos, made on the occasion of the exhibition and presentation of the Photobook BERMA at L’ESCALA in Barcelona.

Edited by APARTEDICIONS and printed in La Palmera taller d’Art, Barcelona, by Jordi Vilella using four-colour screen printing on Somerset paper, 100% cotton, 300 g .


Elde Gelos

The Asturian photographer Elde Gelos has been living in Chile for decades. This long-term documentary work on the Andean country has recently seen the light of day in the form of a Photobook of the same name and is now being shown in Barcelona for the first time as an exhibition …

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