Digital Art

“Digital Art” encompasses a series of creative disciplines in which digital technologies are used in the production process or in its exhibition.

Computers have been part of the visual industry since the last decades of the 20th century. Their increased capacity to generate, reproduce and disseminate images has led to an extension of their use in film, television and advertising. Graphic designers and architects are increasingly using computers in their work and digital media. Computers and the new means of digital production, processing and distribution constitute a fertile field for the development of artistic expression.

Digital art is a relatively new and emerging form of expression. The novelty of the medium leads to a transcendentalism of digital pieces without an adequate review of their quality. Creating, therefore, a corpus of works that will probably not stand the test of time. The novelty of the medium becomes an aesthetic category, and the art critics and writers of digital culture, as well as the companies that advertise the newest technologies contribute to this.