Photography (from photo- and -graphy) is the art and technique of obtaining lasting images due to the action of light. It is the process of projecting images, capturing them and capturing them either by fixing them on a light-sensitive medium or by converting them into electronic signals.

The photographic artistic language started from the heritage of painting. However, it quickly broadened its lexicon thanks to the ease of extreme approaches. The capture of movement with long shutter times and the decisiveness of the moment. The pressure on the photographer to mark his subjectivity in photography forged a language full of subtleties but perfectly understandable. A very direct language for any observer.

Today photography is practiced by millions of people around the world armed with good cameras. Today, cameras with good optics and many options that add flexibility are preferred over consumer-oriented cameras, where the optics and shutter are controlled by electronics, taking much of the unpredictability out of the act of taking a picture. The emergence of digital cameras, mixed cameras with video and photography in virtual reality environments complicate, enriching, the future of this art.